Be sure your parcels and paperwork are appropriately packaged ie: bung up leaky holes etc. and READY when the courier arrives. Damage to courier vehicles – eg: oil spils etc may be chargeable.

If a delivery is to be ‘freight forward’ please make sure the ‘Pick up’ premises is aware of the couriers arrival and will have the parcel ready. Pick-ups called in and not ready at time of courier arrival will be chargeable.

If a pick up is cancelled please advise asap – unnotified cancellations MAY be chargeable.

Time is money for both yourselves and us!

Lost Ticket Books will result in a $50.00 charge.
Ticket Books remain the property of Tournemain Couriers until time of completion.

Our couriers WILL be available to take deliveries up to and including our hours of trade.
Should you have an URGENT delivery requiring despatch after 5.00pm,
don’t be afraid to call us, our couriers may still be on the road,
and will be only too willing to pick up your delivery.



Pick up mail from PO and deliver to premises a.m.

Pick up mail from PO and deliver to premises a.m; pick up mail from premises and deliver to PO p.m.

Mail bags will be provided, recoverable on termination of contract.


Pick up Banking requirement and deposit at bank of your choosing
Signed Deposit and Unsigned Deposit available

NOTE: We have been forced to introduce a ‘service fee’ to cover the costs of fluctuating fuel prices. This was decided on in preference to raising ticket prices and will vary depending on the current fuel rate. It will appear as a service fee per ticket sheet on your invoice.

Our clocks are set by the “world clock” (0800 000 000). Unless we are all using the same settings there may be slight time variations between your clock and our clock.